The Hours That Remain

Almost time to close up shop on this blog and migrate one more time. Might end up moving to after that if I can tolerate not being able to link external images/videos, but it seems doubtful.


Pre-release tarballs are up and the packagers so far have been showing all green lights, so now it’s just a case of waiting for a while longer and then figuring out what to write for the release announcement.

It’s Probably Happening

I’ve started writing blog posts a number of times over the past several days, but each time I’ve gotten distracted and didn’t finish. Focus time. Head in the game. Hoooo.

As I announced on the release mailing list, there’s going to be another E18 thingy this week.

What I didn’t announce, because I was waiting on some other things, is that E18 is releasing. For this special one-time event, I’ve chosen the one year anniversary of the last time we had nice things.

E18 Release: 21 December 2013


Feel free to share, this isn’t supposed to be a secret.

Everything In Moderation

I promised a longer post today, except I don’t really have much to write about since I’ve been sleeping most of the day and I already wrote everything here in the RC2 release announcement. This is not a great week for readers of my blog, but it has been a great week for naps. I guess that’s something?


Minor blizzards are expected to strike over the weekend, so maybe I’ll use that time to come up with something to write about other than release stuff. Except that this is a release blog. And I already ranted about systray once, so I can’t do that again. Hoo boy.

Almost Time

Brief update today, I’ll do a longer one tomorrow.


I’ve been sick(er) this week; can’t seem to shake this thing I’ve had for the past month. Spending a lot of time sleeping.


RC2 probably going out tomorrow.

Enlightenment DR 0.18 RC1

As many have noted, there’s been a considerable amount of mailing list neckbearding going on regarding releases. In the midst of all this, Stefan Schmidt, successfully executed a point release for EFL, which features a number of important fixes. Or maybe it fixes a number of important features? Tough call, maybe I’ll call my buddy who knows a few things about fixes and features.


Aside from doing a great job, he also followed through on a small task from me: putting out the E18 RC1 tarball. I figured it might be a good idea to put these releases out together, and here we have them.


Some changes since the last release:

  • Option for toggling startup splash screen is back (Settings->Theme)
  • Theme setting works again
  • Winlist no longer sometimes gets stuck on the last item
  • suid wrapper now clears out most environment variables (@raster)
  • Pulseaudio now starts automatically from mixer
    • unless option for disabling it is set (@jeyzu)
  • Menus no longer crash in hard-to-trigger cases when opening against screen edges
  • Fixes for input on borderless maximized windows
  • DND operations no longer sometimes permanently block mouse input after
  • Filemanager desktop view no longer hardcoded to “custom”
  • Enable filemanager icon selections that start between icons
  • NoDisplay .desktop files are no longer displayed by Everything launcher
  • Filemanager toolbars can no longer be changed
  • ChangeLog/NEWS files updated
  • Fixed gadget dragging on non-primary screen shelves
  • Fixed gadget dragging on shelves to not randomly reorder gadgets
  • Menu DND operations are now functional again
  • Compositor render grab now disabled by default
  • Filemanager popup geometry improved when triggering in windows
  • Backlight levels are now saved after action use
  • Physics module removed

With regard to the physics module, I wrote this last year mainly to see if it was possible. It was. I’m not sure why I put it in core at that time, but I did. Since then, it hasn’t been touched aside from updating it to newer Ephysics API. I’ve moved it to a separate repo on git in the event that I or someone else wants to pick it up at some point.


Anyway, RC1 is out! I don’t have any more bugs that I’m targeting for this release, so unless I get some showstoppers I might be unleashing this monster pretty soon…

I Should Probably Blog Earlier In The Day So More People Will Read On The Day That I Post

Another day without much to talk about, but exciting news to compensate:

RC1 is the next E18 pre-release, stay tuned…