More Excitement Than You Can Handle

Seriously. I don’t think anyone can handle this update. It’s packed with too much energy and I’m just so stoked to write it here we go.

I made a small change to block the showing of NoDisplay .desktop files in evry.

I then proceeded to remove the ability to add/remove/change gadgets in the EFM toolbar. They say that there are no bad ideas in E-land, but “they” are wrong.

I spent a long while going through commits and updating changelog files. You know a release is close when people start pretending to care about these.

Lastly, I put in some time trying to reproduce a number of bug reports. Unsuccessfully. For all of them.

Tune in tomorrow for another thrilling episode of The Exciting Life Of A Release Manager.





Another Slow Day

We’re nearing release, so this blog (and my daily work) will only be as interesting as the number of bugs that I can reproduce and fix.


Today I got a crazy bug report from a user who claimed his E would go to a black screen whenever he opened a menu. Reading the report was the most exciting part of my day since I was unable to reproduce it.


In other news, I did a lot of paperwork and so the below video is relevant:

Dammit WordPress

Apparently they tweaked the admin UI again for no reason.

For those who aren’t in the know, EFL 1.8 was released yesterday. It was then subsequently re-released as EFL 1.8.1 due to some QA issues with packaging. It’s been over a year since the last EFL major release, so this is long overdue. No, we didn’t forget how to do releases.


A lot has happened over the past several days. I know your time is valuable, so here’s the short version:

  • Window menus now more reliably move windows between virtual desktops
  • E17 upgrades now load the composite configuration module automatically if the composite module was enabled
  • Fixed window display with desktop profile enabled
  • Some cases of shaded windows receiving mouse events have been fixed
  • Teamwork now ignores HTTP 301 instead of looping infinitely
  • Alpha4 release
  • Startup splash can once again be disabled
    • Also fixed theme changing in general
  • Removed another instance of old “raise on focus” behavior
  • Winlist (Alt+Tab) now performs as expected in all cases instead of sometimes doing nothing
  • Physics gravity settings fixed by Olaf Conradi
  • Suid security improved, crazy methods for performing system actions now broken
  • Mixer now successfully starts pulseaudio (unless you’re Italian; sorry Davide!)
  • Menus no longer sometimes cause crashes when opening them against a screen edge
  • Borderless windows no longer sometimes fail to realize that they are borderless
  • Fullscreen windows don’t sometimes get other windows stuck on top when compositing is disabled for them
  • I ate an entire turkey by myself
  • DND operations now always clear their input window, fixing mouse input after
  • Everything (the launcher, not the concept) no longer crashes when navigating between views
  • EFM allows grid views on desktop once again
  • EFM icon interaction area is now smaller, making it easier to create selections
  • Pointer-based focus model users will no longer experience “leaks” in their windows between the titlebar and window content
  • GST generic loaders are once again functional and no longer hang infinitely when processing audio files

It’s getting into release season…

A Quiet Hero

The day is finally upon us. No, not the day of release, but something almost as good. This man


has finally fixed T352: the source of all shelf-related bugs in this Evas commit. If you see him, buy him some ice cream, but you won’t, because he’s a ninja.


In related (but less amazing) news, a couple other minor issues have been resolved since my last post:

The (Neverending) Road To Release

We’re at beta6 or alpha3 or something now I think…having a hard time keeping up since this is a giant library/app/e/universe release which is rolling along as I try to run on top of it doing QA as it moves.

Lots of bugs fixed today already:

A bunch of EFM file/directory creation bugs

People still don’t know that “Settings” in the main menu is clickable

Per-desk shelf hiding is hard

Open ALL the terminals in EFM!

Window shots only work when a window is visible (for now)

Even E17 gets bug fixes sometimes!

I also fixed a couple random crashes here and there.

Honorable mentions to Tom “I’m a vegetarian…sometimes” Hacohen for fixing infinite loops in evas and entry text scrolling as well as Carsten “rasterman” Haitzler for fixing a bug in the gstreamer loader which caused extremely slow icon generation. No, I do not want to put a ‘u’ into honorable.

I’ve got a good feeling about this release. There seem to be a lot more bugs getting fixed than reported at this point, which is generally accepted to be a positive.

The Re-return

That didn’t go quite as expected.


As my most die-hard fans already know, I spent the past month relocating intercontinentally and changing jobs. If you didn’t know this, you probably missed my mail to edevel last month when I announced it. Instead of being a smooth transition, I ended up getting the flu for a couple weeks and running into a few other work-related mildly crippling issues.


I spent last week in the office overlooking some mountains. It was nice. I also fixed a moderately large number of bugs.


There aren’t many remaining E18 bugs that I’m aware of which are likely to be fixed before release, so if you know of anything big you should post it immediately.


Quick update since I’m pretty busy with conference prep. Hardcore users will notice that I removed a “feature” yesterday which had been present for almost 10 years. A brief Q&A:


Why was this removed?

See the commit message for details, or just accept that we feel GNOME made the right choice in removing all features and customization, and we are planning to do the same for E18/E19.

So you’re going to keep removing features?

If by “features” you mean totally broken stuff, then yes. Yes I will.

When are you going to remove systray Xembed support?

Well I don’t have a set date or release that I’m targeting, but it’s going to happen. Sometime.

What other features will you remove?

I think the settings dialog is probably a good place to start with feature removal. Once that’s gone, I can remove pretty much anything else without anyone noticing.


Now that I’ve got this cleared up, let’s all get back to watching Yossi fix all the bugs while I’m busy writing PPTs and demos.