Dammit WordPress

Apparently they tweaked the admin UI again for no reason.

For those who aren’t in the know, EFL 1.8 was released yesterday. It was then subsequently re-released as EFL 1.8.1 due to some QA issues with packaging. It’s been over a year since the last EFL major release, so this is long overdue. No, we didn’t forget how to do releases.


A lot has happened over the past several days. I know your time is valuable, so here’s the short version:

  • Window menus now more reliably move windows between virtual desktops
  • E17 upgrades now load the composite configuration module automatically if the composite module was enabled
  • Fixed window display with desktop profile enabled
  • Some cases of shaded windows receiving mouse events have been fixed
  • Teamwork now ignores HTTP 301 instead of looping infinitely
  • Alpha4 release
  • Startup splash can once again be disabled
    • Also fixed theme changing in general
  • Removed another instance of old “raise on focus” behavior
  • Winlist (Alt+Tab) now performs as expected in all cases instead of sometimes doing nothing
  • Physics gravity settings fixed by Olaf Conradi
  • Suid security improved, crazy methods for performing system actions now broken
  • Mixer now successfully starts pulseaudio (unless you’re Italian; sorry Davide!)
  • Menus no longer sometimes cause crashes when opening them against a screen edge
  • Borderless windows no longer sometimes fail to realize that they are borderless
  • Fullscreen windows don’t sometimes get other windows stuck on top when compositing is disabled for them
  • I ate an entire turkey by myself
  • DND operations now always clear their input window, fixing mouse input after
  • Everything (the launcher, not the concept) no longer crashes when navigating between views
  • EFM allows grid views on desktop once again
  • EFM icon interaction area is now smaller, making it easier to create selections
  • Pointer-based focus model users will no longer experience “leaks” in their windows between the titlebar and window content
  • GST generic loaders are once again functional and no longer hang infinitely when processing audio files

It’s getting into release season…

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