The (Neverending) Road To Release

We’re at beta6 or alpha3 or something now I think…having a hard time keeping up since this is a giant library/app/e/universe release which is rolling along as I try to run on top of it doing QA as it moves.

Lots of bugs fixed today already:

A bunch of EFM file/directory creation bugs

People still don’t know that “Settings” in the main menu is clickable

Per-desk shelf hiding is hard

Open ALL the terminals in EFM!

Window shots only work when a window is visible (for now)

Even E17 gets bug fixes sometimes!

I also fixed a couple random crashes here and there.

Honorable mentions to Tom “I’m a vegetarian…sometimes” Hacohen for fixing infinite loops in evas and entry text scrolling as well as Carsten “rasterman” Haitzler for fixing a bug in the gstreamer loader which caused extremely slow icon generation. No, I do not want to put a ‘u’ into honorable.

I’ve got a good feeling about this release. There seem to be a lot more bugs getting fixed than reported at this point, which is generally accepted to be a positive.

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