Quick update since I’m pretty busy with conference prep. Hardcore users will notice that I removed a “feature” yesterday which had been present for almost 10 years. A brief Q&A:


Why was this removed?

See the commit message for details, or just accept that we feel GNOME made the right choice in removing all features and customization, and we are planning to do the same for E18/E19.

So you’re going to keep removing features?

If by “features” you mean totally broken stuff, then yes. Yes I will.

When are you going to remove systray Xembed support?

Well I don’t have a set date or release that I’m targeting, but it’s going to happen. Sometime.

What other features will you remove?

I think the settings dialog is probably a good place to start with feature removal. Once that’s gone, I can remove pretty much anything else without anyone noticing.


Now that I’ve got this cleared up, let’s all get back to watching Yossi fix all the bugs while I’m busy writing PPTs and demos.

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One thought on “GNOM3-ification

  1. Meh, until you don’t f*k up edje… or change so much the EFL with so less documentation entries… Or complain if someone takes your work on other roadmaps with forks or different environments (other than linux-systemd-udev-wayland)… Or ignore changes tickets… Until this funny behaviours to me you guys are not trying too hard on gnom3-ifyin’.
    Right now things are already discomforting (discomfitoring) to make me think abount working on a Wayland backend to FLTK, TK and FOX. 😛

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