The new e_go

Hi Everyone!

I was briefly introduced to you by the owner of this blog a few posts ago. My name is Yossi, I’m on EFL team and I’m assigned to E. In the last  couple of month I was entering the world of Enlightenment by fixing bugs to learn the whole thing, just like in those old Kong-Foo movies. Last week, Michael (e-realeasemanager) kindly made me a co-author of this blog so I’ll be posting (duh.. ranting) regularly.  I even almost got my commit rights, but fate stood in my way.  (sorry zmike, I had to :)) )

My latest patches were in the somewhat dusty corner of e – the file manager (e_fm) . A small bug revealed that the whole selection mechanism in e_fm is faulty and neglected and It had to be changed (both functionally and code-efficient) to fit the common standard for file managers (Such as nautilus for example). The desktop navigation between the icons with direction keys is changed also since its(Desktop) just e_fm in custom mode. Now movement between the icons is straightforward – moving to the closest in that direction in a 90 degree arc.








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5 thoughts on “The new e_go

  1. Welcome. E-fm needs a lot of love to be as awesome as the rest of E. Hopefully you will make it awesome. Lots of proposals for it on phab.

  2. Thank you all for the welcoming.

    Yes, e_fm does needs a lot of love(I saw the phab also). Which is a good coincidence ’cause I happen to be a freaking fountain of infinite love.

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