I came out of my coding fugue long enough to remember that I should write a post here. So let’s see, recent E18 changes:


  • “raise on focus” now works as expected. If you’re using pointer/sloppy focus, you probably want to disable this option to return to your previous behavior
  • Bindings (and the rest of your configs) now upgrade smoothly from E17 without crashing or erasing things
  • GTK apps with their stupid NETWM resize grips work again
  • Mouse in events get passed to already-focused windows, which should trigger autoraise in a more reliable manner
  • Window stacking should be much more reliable
  • Iconified/shaded windows no longer grab focus on an E restart
  • Shaded windows now maintain their positions across restarts
  • Iconified windows now gain focus as expected when selected with winlist
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