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It’s probably been pretty obvious to anyone here, but I am no longer in “full time” development mode for E18. Much of my time lately has been focused on the new hotness and various presentation preparations. Miraculously, some E18 bugs do managed to get fixed  here and there, whether because someone finally submitted a worthwhile bug report (“my clikcz dont work somtimes” does not qualify.) for me to look at, or because they’ve been getting fixed by either Carsten Haitzler or my up-and-coming E disciple, Yossi Kantor. For those of you unfamiliar with the second name, he’s been quietly fixing a number of bugs behind the scenes over the past couple months, particularly in relation to iBar.


If anyone has any suggestions for some worthwhile topics for me to discuss here, feel free to leave comments; I guarantee nothing, but it’s always good to have ideas.


If you have bugs, you should have already submitted them to phab.

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12 thoughts on “Presentation & Polish

  1. Aw man… I really appreciate the E19 work (or I will in the future) but I get the feeling E18 won’t be released as quickly as it would be now. You did such a great job getting E17 out the door… will you hand off release manager duties (and perhaps this blog) to Yossi too?
    P.S. Any ETA on snapshots of E18? 🙂

    • E18 release got tied to EFL 1.8, so there’s nothing to be done there. No handing off of anything is currently planned.

      I’ve wanted to do snapshots of E18 for a while, but…well, they haven’t happened so I suppose you can draw your own conclusions there. I think we’ll be seeing some sort of package-able version of E18 in the near future.

  2. There are a lot of bugs in phab as we speak. And features/items need polishing -that a proper DE should have- in the wishlist.

    If someone can create an ubuntu ppa then more bug reports will come. Make it easy and people will come 😛

    • “lots of bugs in phab” is vague and misleading, since a lot of those are E17-specific, unconfirmed, or with no information provided.

      Wishlist items are just that–they may be added at some point, but it’s not urgent. While I aim to provide a functional, comfortable desktop environment for users, my first priority is to try and keep things stable and get releases out the door. If we continue to add features without stopping, stability and releases are impossible.

      • Hopefully you (or raster or yoshi) will be able to add the “small” (read easy to implement) features in the wishlist before e18.

        Also on the bug front some i don’t think its easy for a regular user to provide info. And i suspect that devs don’t see the bugs because they more likely use the command line than EFM. ie. there are some bugs in E17 where the FM doesn’t show a new directory when you create it or rename it (you have to refresh).

  3. Also can you make a post clarifying the wayland situation? When are we going to be able to use an X less E.

    • “When” is a bit difficult to answer since it depends on things that we don’t totally control. The Wayland API/protocol is under heavy development, and we’re tracking it literally on a minute-by-minute basis. When they decide to make big architectural changes, we have to adapt to them, which sometimes means scrapping the past couple weeks of work and starting over.

      All I can really say here is “as soon as possible”, and that I hope to have some more demos out in the near future.

  4. I second the PPA for testing – it is hard to say what may be a bug to put in phab when it is not clear (for us masses) where things are at. Also would be a plus to have a E forum as the maillists are a bit awkward to sort through. I know it is a small group but I bet Yossi would love to cut his teeth on moderating a forum.

    • We have an EFL PPA, but it’s only for releases. It’s possible that this could be expanded to have nightly builds if there’s enough interest and someone wanted to help manage it.

      Enlightenment had a forum many years ago, but nobody used it and it became a feeding ground for spambots. I feel pretty confident in saying that we’re not going to make another forum unless there’s a LOT of community interest, including volunteers for moderating. And Yossi has much better things to do than sit around all day watching for spam.

      • “It’s possible that this could be expanded to have nightly builds if there’s enough interest and someone wanted to help manage it.”
        “Build it and they will come.” Hopefully someone with this experience and time will step up and offer.

        I get it about the forum and didn’t think about the spam hassle.

      • If you decide to set up the forum, contact me and I’ll harden it against spam with blacklists and Q&A CAPTCHAs.

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