The Repeat

I’ve been alerted to my lack of recent postings several times, but I’ve been incredibly busy with a number of matters.

Item #1:

I’ll be presenting here on Sept 17th in the 11:45am-12:35pm timeslot. It’s not an Enlightenment-specific presentation, but instead one about the EFL overall. I’ll be showing off a bunch of fun tips, tools, and demos for working with EFL.

Item #2:

That’s right. As you know by now since you are a loyal reader, whenever I spend lots of time not blogging, I’m probably spending that time doing real work. In this case, I took a month and ignored everything in order to write a window manager and compositor for E19. It’s still in the pre-pre-pre-DontEvenFuckingTouchIt-pre-alpha, the hard parts are done: window management works and the compositor works. More on this at the E19 blog when I come out of my development fugue.

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