This Week: A Retrospective

It’s been a pretty exciting week here in the E18 world, so let’s recap:

  • Support added for tablet ACPI events (patch by Carsten Haitzler)
  • iBar gains focus setting on applications using mouse wheel (patch by Thomas Gstädtner)
  • Teamwork gains video playing support
  • Teamwork API  documented; API subsequently changed for better Wayland support in the future
  • Terminology gained Teamwork support

  • iBar gained long-awaited taskbar functionality
  • Shelf config dialog now knows when its settings have been changed
  • Desktop gadgets now appear more reliably and no longer flicker when reorienting after a RandR event
  • UDisks2 support added
  • Application menu parsing is now asynchronous, which should allow relevant menu browsing to be a bit smoother (backend work by Sebastian Dransfeld)

Most interestingly and importantly, I’ve CLOSED the feature addition window for E18 to start getting ready for our target release date in July of 2023. That’s right, the E18 release is coming: NBD.

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11 thoughts on “This Week: A Retrospective

  1. > Support added for tablet ACPI events (patch by Carsten Haitzler)

    Hey! You cheat!
    Actually, they didn’t work 🙂 As I wrote in ML – still can’t bind any actions for them.

  2. Mike can someone create a weekly snapshot ubuntu repo?? It will be easier for people to help with bug reports and stuff.

    Also please fix the desktop mouse selection thing.

  3. No one has ever said what the major goals of E18 are. Is it to just add a few features and fix a few bugs, or will there be a major changes in the way things work? I’m assuming that you are setting it up for compatibility with Wayland. How about some clarification?

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