Why did nobody tell me that I hadn’t written a blog post since Tuesday? I’m supposed to be doing this every day that I’m working on E, people!


It’s been a very busy few days. The most important event that occurred was that I decided to enlist the aid of the peerless artist, Paul Amesbury, to start a new weekly feature on the blog. I don’t have a great name for it yet, so for now I’m going to call it

Reasons You Should F!@#ing Love Enlightenment:

Monsters F!@#ing Love Enlightenment

Yeah, it’s a fallacy, but I’m willing to overlook that.


Next up, why haven’t I remembered to blog for the past few days? The answer is elementary: on Wednesday, I was lazy, and for the past two days I have been slaving away over a secret module that I thought of while failing to sleep. The module:


Found in the Core modules section, with settings in the Applications category and an icon from the incredible Paul Amesbury, Teamwork provides applications with seamless media integration into the E18 compositor using DBus. Simply add a method call in your Teamwork-enabled application whenever a media link is detected or moused in/out on, and Teamwork will handle the rest, providing the application with return signals to monitor the status of any remote fetches occurring. The module only handles images and local directories for now, but support for more types of media, such as video, is planned. Various options, such as media transparency, are also available in the settings.

Current Teamwork-enabled applications:

  • Shotgun
  • Terminology (pending)
  • Your app here!

I’ll write some better documentation for this next week.


E18 Changes From The Past Few Days Which You May Not Be Aware Of:

  • The desktop gadget overlay has been modified to reuse the compositor canvas and work more reliably
  • Winlist-related focus bugs have been crushed
  • Quickaccess is once again functional
  • Pager popups now hide more gracefully
  • Application menu items are once again draggable
  • Menus no longer (rarely) cause crashes when creating submenus at the edge of the screen
  • Some compositor visual artifacts have been prevented
  • Pager window dragging once again shows windows after the drag
  • Systray X embeds now refresh correctly when re-creating their parent shelf
  • Ibar application indicators are now blue to match the theme
  • Maximized windows no longer maximize over shelves on E restart
  • Dragging multiple files in EFM now shows all the files during the drag
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