Hacky Sack

Today is not the day of long posts due to torrential seriousness. Tomorrow. Maybe.


Changes Worth Knowing About:

  • Pager DND user experience has been significantly improved
  • QEMU (SDL) windows are now slightly less likely to eat mouse events when shaded
  • Some extremely minor (unnoticeable) compositor optimizations were added
  • A new user-requested winlist option for moving the selected window to the current screen+desk was added
  • Border shading animations and state are now a little smoother, sized more accurately, and have better shadow placement
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6 thoughts on “Hacky Sack

      • Pretty please with sugar on top Mike. Some of these features are essential. gstreamer poops the bed in previews plus 0.10 is considered obsolete and not maintained.

        And then there are a lot of basic features that are absent from e17 (ie desktop multiple selection) and efm.

  1. I had a really weird experience with the window decorations recently. I was using opera and the window decoration/title bar expanded to swallow the top row of tabs in opera. Symptoms were:

    1. title bar was twice as big in height
    2. the content of the window was pushed down, i.e., the tabs in opera appeared below the expanded titlebar
    3. *functionally*, the tabs in opera were *not* where they appeared, but they were present in the lower portion of the (expanded) titlebar, where they should have been. What I mean by this is, if I clicked on a tab where it was visually placed, I was actually clicking on the urlbar which sits beneath the tab.

    Very strange behavior and I haven’t been able to reproduce it. If it happens again, I will make a video.

  2. I have a request. it seems by default on my wide 1440×900 19 inch monitor, Enlightenment has abysmally small dialog boxes for some settings, etc. I know some can be resized, but they shouldn’t be so tiny by default. I think proper sizes for dialog boxes by default can be a great boon to those with big monitors. 🙂

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