Short post today, but I’m hoping to write a longer one in the next day or two about something or other.

Things that have recently been implemented or wrangled which either were not previously implemented or needed wrangling:

  • Systray gadget now works on the desktop as well as any kind of shelf [wrangled]
  • Systray no longer shows through desklock when xembeds are enabled [wrangled]
  • RandR no longer sometimes starts with monitors disabled [wrangled]
  • Filemanager has two new tricks: it accepts text drags and Mozilla URL drags [implemented]
  • Filemanager can now also open .desktop files which are links to URLs [wrangled]
  • Cedric has not broken build in over 24 hours [implemented]
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3 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. curious as to what a “Mozilla URL” means. Will it accept a gopher: or irc: protocol? Not standard, but I use Firefox extensions that work with them correctly.

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