A Matter of Graphic Importance

It has come to my attention that the inventor of the GIF image format has been quoted as saying the following with regard to the pronunciation of the format:

It is a soft ‘G,’ pronounced ‘jif.’ End of story.

I’m here to tell you that once again, I plan to act in full accordance with the gravitas that my position as the release manager of E18 requires. To that end, I am officially stating, on record, that the EFL and E18 will not require its developers or users to pronounce GIF with a flimsy, soft ‘j’ sound. Enlightenment has always been about choice, and I respect Mr. Wilhite’s choice to be retroactively wrong about the pronunciation of the name of something which he himself invented.

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9 thoughts on “A Matter of Graphic Importance

  1. I’ve always pronounced it GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) same G as Graphics… to do otherwise is stupid.

  2. If it was to be pronounced ‘jif’, they would have used a ‘j’. Its available in the alphabet. Its ‘gif’, as in graphics. Period.

  3. Hi.
    GIF as a desktop wallpaper? How about a GIF as a desktop wallpaper?
    Or a JPEG as a desktop wallpaper? Sorry but I was trying to unpack the EDJE and replace its graphics with my fav JPEG of my choice, but the EDJE will not unpack!!! It’s all about CHOICE you say, I want my fav JPEG as a desktop wallpaper PLEASE!

    Besides, a great blog post here mate.

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