Serious Face: Already On

I fixed a number of issues related to windows today. Specifically:

  • Shaded windows work more reliably across restarts of E
  • Shaded windows no longer allow resizing
  • Shaded/shading windows no longer fetch pixmap info in the compositor
  • Shaded windows no longer animate on restart of E
  • Windows no longer sometimes position themselves slightly offscreen on a restart of E
  • Shaped windows no longer place their border icons on the desktop
  • Shaped windows now accept mouse input only in the expected shape rectangles, allowing things like recordmydesktop to function again
  • Autoraise once again functions when mousing into an already-focused window
  • Fixed some cases where focus should have been applied to modal windows but weren’t
  • Fixed an issue where focus could become permanently locked onto a window due to pointer warping
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