Accidentally The Whole Pointer Warp

Ticket #1701: E17 Edge Binding: [Fails after moving windows to the bottom of the screen]

Was actually caused by moving to any edge containing a shelf which had no flip available.

Ticket #281: Option to allow edge-bindings to activate only when dragging an object?

Edge bindings can now be individually configured to only activate while dragging an option.


Other Improvements Today:

  • Application selection dialogs now load much more quickly
  • All binding dialogs are now in the conf_bindings module
  • Non-winlist pointer warp settings now have their own tab
  • All pointer warping code is now in one place to make future bug hunting easier
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One thought on “Accidentally The Whole Pointer Warp

  1. Is there any way to prevent E from changing keyboard settings, if they already configured ? I already setup my kbd in X configs, and should make same thing in E config panel… BTW, thanks a lot for your (and all devs too) massive work!

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