With The Quickness

I mentioned the other day that I’d go into more detail about some of the things in the first post. Fortunately, I am spared once again from this effort by Jose Souza, who has done a lot of work with edbus and E modules lately. He has already detailed much of his progress here, along with info about some of the new modules.


Ticket #2241: EFM multiple icon selection.

No longer is it impossible, just challenging.


Other Improvements Today:

  • XEmbed support for systray is now an (incredibly bad) option
  • Edje files are now supported in file previews
  • XKB gadget now correctly saves keyboard layouts and shows them on startup
  • Configs now have types, allowing config and hardware dependent code to be written more easily
  • Resolution changing with shelves should be a bit quicker
  • Efreet (1.7) bug which prevented desktop file updates has been fixed
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