I’ve gotten mails from a number of readers asking questions like “Why E18?” and “What’s going to be new in E18?” and “When will E18 be released?”

I don’t want to provide too many spoilers at this point for the incredibly cool and top secret open source things that we’re working on, but I’ll post one screenshot today of a little something I like to call Antognolli Mode:

Ticket #2032: EFM – Desktop Icons.

We have this crazy thing where, to set a path for the filemanager, we provide both a “device” and a relative path. Combined, they’re supposed to determine where the filemanager navigates to. This is problematic, because in some cases we use fake devices, such as a user’s homedir, and this screws up symlink navigation quite badly.

Ticket #2120: .part files blink all the time.

Now they don’t.

Ticket #2082: Keyboard gadget: Keymap changing only works for basic layouts

Ticket #1799: Language switch applet doesn’t switch languages as it should

I think all the keyboard gadget functionality bugs are finally squashed now. This was an extremely annoying issue to fix, however.

Ticket #2204: Restoring default keybindings loses all the settings in the profiles

Now restoring bindings of any sort to their defaults will re-grab them from the corresponding system profile, or the standard desktop profile if the current profile is not a system profile.


Other Improvements Today:

  • Bindings are now stored in a separate file and should now be immune to other config wipes
  • Up/Down keys are no longer wrongly intercepted when using filemanager with typebuf open
  • Navigate menu “No listable items” items are now clickable
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2 thoughts on “Boldness

  1. Could you (or someone else) start an ubuntu repo with weekly releases so we can test/report bugs in order for this release to be even more polished than e17??

    Volunteering for QA team.

  2. BTW the “no listable items” can you make it show the number of files and be clickable?? And maybe the same for things that are listable. Ie. directories and at the end of the menu the number of files.

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