Blogging: Day 1

E18. Yes, that’s right, I said it. The version of Enlightenment which comes after E17.

I’ve been told by People In The Know that blogging is important. Well, it can’t be that important if my spell check still thinks that blog isn’t a word. Nevertheless, this blog is now a Thing, so I’m going to get right into it in a manner far more serious than the weak blog of my predecessor.

Development on Enlightenment has progressed steadily for the past month. We’ve replaced old e_dbus code with the newer edbus (v2), added a better Bluez module, an mpris2-based music player controlling module, added support for dbus menus, started a new configuration system, merged the composite module into core, and fixed dozens of bugs; I’ll provide more details on some of these items in future updates.

The important thing to note today is that we’re very much alive, and, to prove it, I’m putting out some releases on this historic first day of the blog:

E17.1 (bugfix release):

EDBUSv2 snapshot (required if using E18 snapshot with 1.7 branch):

E18 SNAPSHOT – 83479

Release Announcement



Ticket #2183: E17 [Window Focus bug] – Slide pointer to a new..

This was an issue where pointer warping away from a just-closed window would fail to trigger autoraising.

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14 thoughts on “Blogging: Day 1

  1. So please tell us what exactly will be new in E18 and why should we use it. Also, will you be fixing application behaviour bugs with e17 with Chromium, Shotwell, etc (reported on trac)??? I had to switch to cinnamon because of numerous bugs in e17 which includes everything module hanging after few clicks. And also… will there be a nicer theme this time that won’t burn out everyone’s eyes?

      • Chromium was just an example, and the problem was reporduced but not yet been fixed.. search trac for chromium resizing issue

      • There may be many themes for e17, but not one of those themes by that guy who makes themes has readable main menus or is ergonomically appreciable. There were a couple nice themes on e17-stuff i saw today, but they had other problems like messed up fonts when using 1.2 scaling. The situation sucks tremendously and that’s why I switched to Cinnamon which has some themes that are very professional looking, consistent and nicely done. I do not care if these issues are looked at or not, I’m interested in e17 because it seems like good technology and a nice DE, but unless those basic things are right, you’re not going to get average joe like me to use it.

      • There is a fair variety of themes here ->

        If you really don’t like any of those you are really just picky and if you think you can do better – then DO BETTER. People who complain, but don’t contribute are useless.

        I see what you mean about the Chromium resizing issues when you disable system borders. Solution? Use system borders. System borders are enabled by default and “average joe” won’t be playing with settings so it should be fine. If you are changing things then you really aren’t “average” any longer.

      • What about people who just want to use their computers instead of spending time trying to correct something that should not be messed up in the first place? It seems the choice is either the default tasteless theme or third party tasteless theme. A rock and a hard place.

        Chromium did not come with system borders by default in the distro which I use, rosa linux and another I tried it on some time ago, or I wouldn’t have discovered the bug in the first place.

      • Tasteless is 100% a matter of opinion. Themeing is like art, meaning it is VERY subjective. There are a good deal of people who like the default theme. Again if you find all of almost two dozen different themes “tasteless” I challenge you to do better. The people who created those themes like them and many people like and use them.

        Having an application ignore system borders by default seems bad. Why is it the E team’s job to make sure a third party application that is ignoring E17 works under it? How do you know Chromium doesn’t have code to make itself borderless properly under GTK/QT desktops?

      • Because as you can see in the bug report, it also affects smplayer, etc. These apps work on all DEs properly, just not e17 so I probably thought it was a bug with e17. But leaving that, even the Everything module hangs for me often. Shotwell has trouble displaying some buttons under e17, with system borders, mind you. I would like to see this fixed so the desktop features is at least usable. As for themeing, it’s not subjective that dark colours can be very tiring to the eyes for many people. Third party themes are crap, some things like proper contrast between the text and background could be given attention to, at least.

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